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Today I will cease to look for justice, but never cease to give it.
Today I will cease to look for righteousness in others, but never cease to pursue it.
Today I will cease to defend myself, but never cease to allow hurt, injury, and insult to become opportunities in which I can display the love, affection, and mercy of my Lord, Jesus Christ.
Today I will cease to be impatient with others and when more is asked of me, I will give without holding back.
Today I will cease to put my hand to the plow and look back, but rather I will run hard the race set before me and run as if to get the prize.
Today I will cease seeking what I want for myself, but rather I will look within to see what more I can give to help, support, and carry others in their struggles.
Today I will cease to treat God as a habit, a chore, or a crutch, but rather I will seek him as a lover, as the Creator and Lord he is and never think twice before following.
Today I will cease allowing the devil to bring up my pa…

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