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Today I Saw Society and I Did Not Like What I Saw (In Me)

Life’s lessons often come in the mundane.  Mine typically come from behind the wheel, which reinforces two things: 1) I should ride public transportation and 2) I should ride public transportation.  I was participating in an event that working parents during the summer know all too well: hot potato with offspring.  Which means I was on a not so leisurely drive to take kids from one place across town to drop them off at a relative’s home while on a lunch break, thus breaking most traffic laws to make sure I could get back to work on time (I will pause right here and applaud all single parents. I don't know how you do it).  Oh, and I changed my route hoping to find a shortcut only to get caught in construction traffic that reduced traffic down to one lane guarded by workers with the SLOW/STOP signs.  Oh, boy.  Did I mention I should probably ride public transportation?  Our line of cars got moving first, no doubt to the chagrin of the other line of cars (suckers!), only to get thwa…

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