materialism: 1. minimalism: 0.3

so we lost power. 26 hours without it to be exact. northeast mississippi power is in tva - the same group that gave their ceo a 500,000 dollar raise. evidently that was money normally used to help with power outages after fifteen minute storms. hmm. so to rescue 60+ bags of milk in our freezer that were earmarked for carter, i went and bought a generator. not sure how that will fit in a duffle bag, but it did save most of the stuff in the freezer (i bought it at the 15 hour mark, all the time thinking, "surely those people can fix our power..."

i have been able to reduce a large number of cds, back up cd-roms, papers thrown carelessly about, bicycle bits that have no purpose left in them other than a paper weight that can give you tetanus, etc. that is why i gave myself the 0.3 score.
the books in the photo are going under siege after i finish up with the cds, dvds, cd-roms, etc. getting rid of a book is like getting rid of an appendage. not easy. i look at them as if they are a child that i will soon abandon. i reduced the number of books before - i used to have four bookshelves like the one pictured - all chock full of books. i reduced down to language books, books about asia and inspirational books (cs lewis and the like). from here on out, the going could be getting rough, but i plan to get rid of two book shelves worth. i definitely will not throw them out, so i probably will bring them by the library and solicit a good home for them. as for the keyboard, i am not sure - i would love to relearn the piano, but time is a rather constricting thing and an even more constricting thing is the fact it will not fit into a duffle bag. my next post hopefully will shed light on what i did with it.
i am off to do summer school stuff again, but hopefully the score will be tied by the time i post again.


  1. I have faith that you can do this, Thomas. Stay focused. I also want you to add "write another book" to your to-do list this summer. I've enjoyed "The Journey" so much!


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